Fly Fishing in Worcestershire


Trout Pool – Fly Fishing in Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire

Trout fly fishing pool located in Tenbury Wells on the Worcestershire/Herefordshire/Shropshire border. Within easy travelling distance from Ludlow, Leominster, Bromyard, Worcester and Hereford. Providing good sport in a peaceful countryside location. Stocked with rainbow, blue and brown trout of varying sizes.

Nursery Pool


Our Nursery Pool is approx. 0.3 acres. The pool may be small, however it provides good sport with a variety of trout caught.

The pool offers comfortable fishing for up to 3 anglers.

Approximate max. depth of 10 foot. Fed by springs and surface run off. Weed control, natural fly/insect life and powerful aeration ensures optimum conditions for our trout.

FISH HEALTH: Please keep trout within the water wherever possible. No standing up with fish. Do not chuck or drop the trout back, allow it plenty of time to recover (held in a net, sat upright in water) before releasing.

Booking essential before arriving;

01568 750618 or 07710 152464

Fly Fishing Prices – 2024

*Prices subject to our Fishery Rules. Please read them.*

Catch & Release

(No fish to be taken)

£20 – up to 5 hours

£30 – all day

Catch & Keep


Booking essential before arriving;

01568 750618 or 07710 152464

Fishery Rules

    1. Anglers MUST book prior to arrival and report to Orchard Holiday Park & Fishery Reception or call out of office number. No unauthorised fishing.
    2. ONE rod allowed only per ticket. NO rod sharing. Tickets non-transferable and non-refundable.
    3. ALL brown trout MUST be returned.
    4. SINGLE FLY BARBLESS HOOKS ONLY (tracers NOT permitted).
    5. MAX hook size 10, NO longshank hooks.
    6. MINIMUM of 10lb leader to be used.
    7. NO bite indicators, NO large lures, blobs or booby flies.
    8. LAND WITH NET, wherever possible keep fish in the water and minimise handling. No standing up with fish!
      Once unhooked, allow it plenty of time to recover (held in a net, sat upright in water) before releasing.
    9. INJURED or DAMAGED fish MUST be killed and paid for.
    10. NO fish preparation, nylon, or litter to be left on site.
    11. Owners/management reserve the right to INSPECT bags or equipment at any time.
    12. All anglers MUST hold a valid EA Rod Licence.
    13. Bad language, violence, or theft WON’T be tolerated.
    14. NO wading, dogs, fires, or music allowed.
    15. ALL persons fish entirely at their own risk. The owners/management take NO responsibility for any damage, injury, accident, or loss/damage.
    16. ANY serious or repeated breach of the rules will result in being asked to leave immediately without re-admittance or refund.
    17. CCTV cameras used for crime detection and public safety.
    18. Management reserve the right to amend or change the rules/prices at any time without notice.
    19. Fishery opens at 9am, closes at sunset. Earlier arrivals by appointment. We reserve the right to close & restrict opening hours.
Trout Fly Fishing Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire

Corporate & Group Fly Fishing

Corporate and group fly fishing for up to 3 anglers. Relax in the Worcestershire countryside and focus on fishing.
Booking required – please contact us.

Fly Fishing Tuition Worcestershire

Fly fishing tuition for children, individuals or small groups (up to 3 anglers) can be arranged with our preferred fly fishing instructor.
Please contact us for prices and more details.

Trout Fly Fishery in Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire; located within reach from Ludlow, Shropshire; Leominster, Bromyard, Hereford, Herefordshire, Worcester.