1. Anglers MUST book prior to arrival and report to Orchard Holiday Park & Fishery Reception or call out of office numbers. No unauthorised fishing.
  2. ONE rod allowed only per ticket. NO rod sharing. Tickets non-transferable or refundable.
  3. ALL brown trout MUST be returned.
  4. SINGLE FLY BARBLESS HOOKS ONLY (tracers NOT permitted).
  5. MINIMUM of 10lb leader to be used.
  6. NO bite indicators, large lures, blobs or boobies permitted.
  7. LAND WITH NET, wherever possible keep fish in the water and minimise handling – always prioritise fish health.
  8. INJURED or DAMAGED fish MUST be killed and paid for, £10 per fish.
  9. CATCH & KEEP TICKETS – all fish 5lb or over must be returned.
  10. NO fish preparation, nylon, or litter to be left on site under any circumstances.
  11. ONLY 1 non-angler guest per rod permitted.
  12. Owners/management reserve the right to INSPECT bags or equipment at any time.
  13. All anglers must be over 18 years old and MUST hold a valid EA Rod Licence.
  14. NO bad language, behaviour, violence, or theft will be tolerated.
  15. NO wading, dogs, fires, or music allowed.
  16. ALL persons fish entirely at their own risk. The owners/management take NO responsibility for any damage, injury, accident, or loss/damage to property. Highly recommended to wear sunglasses!
  17. ANY serious or repeated breach of the rules will result in being asked to leave immediately without re-admittance or refund.
  18. CCTV cameras used for crime detection, public safety and to enforce these rules.
  19. Management reserve the right to amend or change the rules/prices at any time without prior notice.
  20. Fishery opens at 8am, closes at sunset. Earlier arrivals available by appointment only. We reserve the right to close the fishery or restrict opening hours.

Revision date: 17/10/2023